Submission of Abstract

To assist participants in preparing questions for debate and discussion during the meeting we will circulate ALL ABSTRACTS among participants after being accepted by members of the O/S committee.

All abstracts must be submitted online via this web or by e mail to before March 1st 2015 with the text “Symposium abstract”

The following information will be required:

    *  Abstract title

    *  Name and affiliation information for each author.

    *  Complete contact information for the presenter (including mailing  address, phone number, and email address)

    *  The body of the abstract. This must be limited to no more than 250 words.

Selected proceedings of the Symposium as peer-reviewed articles will be published in the International Journal “Ecology of Freshwater Fish”.

MANUSCRIPTS should be ready for submission during the meeting. Please, include after title, –SALMONID SYMPOSIUM -.

For any detail and manuscripts submission, please visit the homepage of the journal at



More information about John Wiley journals on fish available at